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Get it nice and hot! The Schwank Grill has absolutely revolutionized the way you enjoy and cook your steak. Heating up at temperatures up to 1,500°F, these gives you the absolute perfect sear on the top and bottom of your steaks! Includes a lift handle so you can easily adjust the grill level up and down, a gas knob, and a battery operated igniter to fire it up with ease!

The reasoning we at Rare Cuts chose to sell the Schwank Grill is quite interesting actually. It utilizes Schwank Burner Technology. Now, this is the exact technology that is used at some of the largest and most successful steak restaurants in the entire world. In fact, Schwank developed this technology for those restaurants. So what does this mean? This means that you will get the exact same result at your own home, that you would at a fine dining restaurant. No more paying for the upscale, you will have it at your home. Proudly Made in the USA!


The Schwank Grill is certified for outdoor use only. Please do not, ever, attempt to use this appliance indoors. 


This model is primarily intended of use with Propane (LP) ONLY and CANNOT be used with Natural Gas (NG). NEVER attempt to use this model with a Natural Gas connection. 

What comes with your order? 

  • Grill Grate - The Schwank Grill Grate - positioned in the center of the infrared burners. Center your steak for a perfect sear. 
  • Grill Shelf - The Grill Grate sites along the Grill Shelf. The pins at the front of the shelf hold the grill grate securely in place. 
  • Drip Tray  - Don't waste those delicious juices ok! Allow the to drip into the drip tray while grilling to intensify the flavor of your food - Hopefully its a Rare Cut. 
  • Drip Tray Drawer - Slide the drawer out with the grill handle for easy access to the drip tray. The drawer is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Removable Liner  - Cleaning is an absolute breeze and ease when you can remove the entire grilling area - and that is exactly what you can do with the liner!
  • Grill Handle - Use the Schwank Grill Handle to pull out the grill grate and drip tray drawer. 
  • Regulator & Gase Hose - Quickly install hose to the unit and tighten the other end to a propane tank. (bottle adapter is sold separately)
  • AAA Battery -  YES , batteries are included!